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Why should you choose a Modular Operating Theatre? -
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Why should you choose a Modular Operating Theatre?


The technology is evolving every day making available expansive choices in the market, offering newer and better opportunities catering to the needs of the healthcare industry. The emergence of modular and innovative ways of construction has reduced the risk of infection (also known as Surgical Site Infections). MGI India is one of the prominent Modular Operation Theatre manufacturers in India that offer tailor-made solutions with an enhanced level of efficiency and are risk-free.

Innovative modular operating theatre designs can accommodate diagnostics facilities, specialized treatment rooms (catering to eye surgery, operating theatres, ultrasound scanning), sterile areas, A&E departments, out-patient facilities, large open waiting rooms, and even reception areas if need be, making modular operation theatre construction the number one choice for healthcare industry in today’s time. Apart from offering specialized rooms solutions, there are added benefits that are influencing the decision-making process while choosing between Modular solutions over traditional construction methods. The benefits are as follow:

• Enhanced Safety & Health:
Surgical Site Infection is the second most common site infection in healthcare-associated infections that causes severe illness. Traditional methods of construction can raise the mortality rate to 77% if the infection occurs deep at the site. In conventional construction, the site is open to waterborne infections, dust infections, and other HAIs; due to the involvement of numerous elements. In a modular construction the chances of site infection are very low, as lesser elements involved and are manufactured in a sterile environment; hence enhanced safety and health.

• Minimal Site Disruption:
The site is influenced by the commotion of elements that are core to any hospital; patients, hospital personnel, equipment, cleaning staff, etc. In traditional methods of construction, more disruption and noise are produced in comparison with modular operation theatre construction, as there is minimal on-site work; the rest of the job is carried off-site at a sterile and secure location.

• Uncompromised quality:
In traditional methods of construction, the sanity of the design and construction highly depends on the job done by the labor hired, whereas there is no compromise in the quality of work in modular construction. No bouncy floors, cavities, sharp edges or others in modular operation theatres as well-trained personnel are hired to do the job. The client can experience International Standard Modular Operation Theatre at competitive prices with MGI Healthcare Construction.

• Vastly Customizable:
Traditional constructed infrastructure requires more efforts and resources to build or renovate a building, whereas in modular construction methods the option of customization is available from the inception. There are no restrictions regarding layout, internal appearance or external treatments at whatsoever point of time in the life of modular construction, making it the obvious choice of construction for every industry.

• Fast and Easy Upgrade with Modular Operation Theatre:
As the modular construction is highly customizable, it reduces the overall time of construction. The upgrade can be easily done causing minimal disruption to the hospital personnel and hospital environment.

• Sustainability:
Modular Construction is more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and delivers rust and maintenance-free system with long service life.

• Production & Construction meeting International Healthcare Standards:
MGI India Pvt. Ltd. uses fabricated material sourced from across the globe that meets international healthcare standards. The material used for construction offers benefits such as reduced project cost, and a lesser carbon footprint and also helps the economy.

An overall comparison between the traditional method of construction and modular construction for operation theatre deduces that modular construction methods offer more opportunities. Modular solutions are safe, fast, easy, and sustainable. Modular Operation Theatre offers durability at lesser rates.
MGI India is a pioneer in medical engineering groups with over 35 years of experience and expertise in the ventilated ceiling, surgical scrub sink manufacturers, surgical pendant supplier, medical gas pipeline system, etc. in India.

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