Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing Unit


MGI has a 60,000 sq.ft. Light steel guage manufacturing facility near Chandigarh that produces several section profiles of varying dimensions modular construction of building.

Our zero tolerance manufacturing process offers you a superior quality building system with less waste and a clean, environmentally friendly construction process.

The use of steel-framed modules results in a building that delivers excellent performance with greater energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.
MGI’S operations extend to dedicated areas for fitting out and your building can be fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating doors, windows and internal finishes before it leaves our production center.


MGI has been in construction since 2001 and has expanded its building activities in all five zones, in the process creating a vast team of construction professionals and skilled workers. Our promise is exceptional quality and timely delivery within your fixed budget.


MGI (India) Pvt. Ltd. Is an Iso9001:2000 company. Our light steel framed buildings are designed as per the Indian standard Code IS875:1987 and also comply with the Australian Standard Code AS/NXS4600:2005.

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