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7 Reasons to approach a Modular Operation Theatre Manufacturer in India

The construction industry is progressing at the speed of light across the world, and India is not much behind. New and advanced technologies are making their way into the construction processes. They are revolutionizing not just the commercial complexes but also homes, the hospital industry, and their surgical services in the modular operation theatre. Modular […]

modular operation theatre manufacturers

How Modular Operation Theatre Helps in Reducing Nosocomial Infections?

There have been substantial changes in the design and practice of operating theatres in the last 20 years. It is possible that most of these changes have been incorporated to prevent the infection of patient’s wound at the time of operation. Nosocomial infections have interfered with successful medical treatment throughout the history in any hospital. […]


What is the difference between a Modular Home and a Manufactured Home?

India is a developing country, and thus there is a continuous need for building infrastructure to meet the needs of its population. The construction industry is expected to grow at a rate of 5.6% in 2020, and with the times to come will evolve with the advancement in technology. The world is ever evolving and […]


Why should you choose a Modular Operating Theatre?

The technology is evolving every day making available expansive choices in the market, offering newer and better opportunities catering to the needs of the healthcare industry. The emergence of modular and innovative ways of construction has reduced the risk of infection (also known as Surgical Site Infections). MGI India is one of the prominent Modular […]