Benefits of Modular Buildings

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular Building Construction, Proven system that improves Efficiency with Ease of Build

MGI India Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated towards providing optimum modular building construction designs and solutions. A modular solution amplifies the speed of construction, quality, and added benefits of economy of scale.

Quality Control

Mistakes and re-adjustments are minimized with the use of tried and tested ‘Conveyor Line’ type production method.


Surgical capacity, Wards, etc. can be expanded to accommodate future equirements. Ease of expansion, reduction, relocation or removal.

Tailor-made Design

Bespoke designs are provided to incorporate hospitals’ specific requirements. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when designing fast-track healthcare buildings.

Aseptic Suites & Laboratories

Safety is guaranteed. Building materials are protected from moisture and weather in a controlled environment.

Integration of Off-site & Traditional Construction

MGI has taken a ‘bathroom pods’, to provide highly engineered, factory-fitted elements.

Dimensional Accuracy

Small tolerances are achieved and maintained within the module interior, and in the sizing and positioning of openings to deliver ease and accuracy of the fit-out.

Safer Construction

Less site labour and more controlled construction have proved to create a significantly safer environment.

Environmentally Sensitive

Effective factory production techniques are much less wasteful and disruptive on-site than traditional construction operations.


Minimum of disruption caused while adding modules to, or removing modules from a modular building.