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Why one should choose Modular Operation Theater Manufacturer in India?
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7 Reasons to approach a Modular Operation Theatre Manufacturer in India


The construction industry is progressing at the speed of light across the world, and India is not much behind. New and advanced technologies are making their way into the construction processes. They are revolutionizing not just the commercial complexes but also homes, the hospital industry, and their surgical services in the modular operation theatre. Modular construction has several benefits, that’s why a number of businesses are opting for the technology all over the country.

Almost every modular operation theatre manufacturer in India has an adequate workforce, skilled architects, and design engineers required to design, supply, install, commission, and validate the theatre. However, before you reach out to one, it is best you upgrade your knowledge base and make a more thought-through decision about with whom you should invest your time with. Here are top reasons why you should go for a modular operation theatre in India:

  1. Advanced Imaging during Operation: Some of the features and angiographic abilities you can expect in a Modular Operation Theatre in India incorporate fluoroscopy and robotic X-ray arm. By and large, you can discover this innovation in the Catheterization Lab or the Imaging division of an international standard hospital. So, modular operation theatre design will enable first-time specialists to utilize instantaneous pictures during the techniques for continuous real-time evaluations.
  2. Enhanced Sterility: Maintain safety of your patient: Since with modular OT, all the operation theatre equipment is set-up in a single room, it gets simpler for the doctors and nurses to deal with such complexity or crisis right away. This further helps in dodging further inconveniences and doesn’t put the life of your patients in danger. Their relatives likewise feel relaxed and have peace of mind if the hospital is equipped with an advanced operation theatre.
  3. Cut Costs, Save Money: Not every doctor/hospital trustees know that choosing Modular Operation Theatre Manufacturer can actually help them help their patients by saving a lot of money. They don’t need to stress regardless of whether the activity requires numerous systems as the modular OT can treat more than one patient in the same room. Since they have to be shifted fewer times for various procedures, the operation is less costly and more efficient.
  4. Doctors Work Together: A larger part of the operation carried out in an operation theatre is very perplexed and requires the information and experience of more than one specialist doctor. Not only does the modular operation theatre set-up allows more than one doctor with various specialties to work together at the same table, but it also enables them to complete more complicated procedures with ease and hassle-free.
  5. Helps avoid spread of Infection: During the operation, patients are open to infection. However, Modular OTs can help prevent that. Further, a forced air ventilation system in modular OT will enhance the cleanliness of the critical surgery area. The ventilation system is essential for protecting the surgical site using particle displacement dynamics of properly directed purified air movement.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing work environment: 3D Glass Wall: Long hours of operations (12-13 hours or sometimes even more) can create a very monotonous environment for the specialists. So, now modular OTs are now designed with 3D glass wall which lift the environment, and make the surroundings a little light.a) Effective lighting by maintaining LUX levels though OT Light, Planar and peripheral lights in the OT.
    b) Clean air quality and effective ventilation in the OT.
    c) Pleasing work environment through the use of different wall and floor colours.
    d) Strong attraction value for top Doctors/ Surgeons.
  7. Work- Flow Management: Surgery under controlled conditions:
    a) Concealed Wiring and Medical pipeline system.
    b) All equipment mounted on ceiling suspended pendant units.
    c) Complete clean- floor area leading to enhanced equipment and personal movement.

Hence, we can say that there are several reasons why it is best to opt for a modular operation theatre design. So, it is time that you look for reliable and experienced Modular OT manufacturers in India who can take complete responsibility for the whole set-up from start to finish and also help complete it within the projected timeline while saving you a lot!

MGI India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the leading modular operation theatre manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build your modular operation theatre!

Contact us at sales@mgi-india.com or +91-9540996717

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